There are many ways to make some additional money online, but only a few are really passive (after setting things up of course!)! In this post you find the best method to generate a passive income, well almost passive! Steps to your passive affiliate income!

Reasearch the Market

As affiliate marketer, you will get paid by other product owner for promoting their products! The first step is to find good products to promote for your target market! Only search for quality products helping your potential customers to solve their problem! Stay away from low quality products, this will hurt your reputation and you won´t earn much more at all!

Prepare a Valuable free Gift

The next step is to create a free gift to give away! This will be used to build your email list! Just write an ebook with a few pages or create a short tutorial video to match your topic! Really try to provide some really useful tips or techniques inside your free gift!

Landingpage Creation

When your free gift is ready, its time to create the matching landingpage! There are many methods to create landingpages i can´t explain all here! Ensure to keep your landingpage clean and simple, just add a enticing headline as well as 1-3 bullet points highligting the benefits of your free gift! Remember to embeed the signup form of your autoresponder into your landingpage in order to collect your visitors email addresses!

Write Emails for your Follow Up Autoresponder

Building an email list has no benefits if you don´t use it to send emails to your subscribers, right? It is a good idea to mix up promotional content with real useful tips and tricks! Before you start promoting products, ensure to deliver some useful information about the given topic to your readers, this will massively increase your conversions!

Start promoting your landingpage

In order to make money online as affiliate, you need to get traffic to your offers! Focus on highly targeted traffic instead of masses of untargeted traffic! YOu can use free or paid traffic methods, best to test your landingpage first and add paid methods afterwards! As long as your landingpage and email series converts and makes some sales, traffic will become a smaller problem!

These are the main steps to take in order to make a almost passive income from affiliate marketing!  Ensure to Sign Up here in order to get a step by step plan how to make a living as affiliate!  Feel free to comment below with your feedback or question! If you liked this article, feel free to share it on Twitter or Facebook!