Senuke Review and Bonus

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Welcome to my honest Senuke Tng User Review! Do not forget: Senuke is a extremely powerful SEO Software that can be missused faster than you think! Always dripfeed your linkbuilding! Take a look at the tips and tricks I´ve posted here! Watch this video to get an inside view into Senuke :

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I really felt in love with these Senuke features :

Smart Link Placement– TNG searches your articles for your keywords and inserts your links contextually and strategically within your articles. Where the keyword has actually not been discussed it can still put tactical links that appear 100% natural.

Automatic Authority Links — TNG can generate automated contextual links and put them within your article, these are always placed contextually. This assists to give your post greater credibility, making it look totally authentic and natural. This is because your article is no longer just connecting to you your site, however likewise linking out to other respected high authority sites

Additional Content Sources– TNG is now directly integrated with four of the markets leading automated short article services (Article Builder, The Leading Articles, Kontent Machine and Article Forge). Unlimited distinct specific niche particular material within your reaches whenever required!

ENHANCED Content Spinning — Senuke is incorporated with the 3 market leading spinners The Best Spinner, Word AI and Spin Rewriter, along with our own class leading car spinner built right in to the software application. Now with TNG you can get your material from multiple sources and spin it on demand immediately.

This is by far not all Senuke Tng has to offer!

Why Your Business Requirements To Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments Now

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Why Your Service Have To Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments Now While numerous services have already signed up with the Bitcoin transformation by accepting crypto payments, lots of are still reluctant to make the jump.

They are afraid that with Bitcoin’s volatility, they might end up essentially giving their service or products free of charge. Exactly what this implies is that they believe they are going to get shortchanged if the rate in bitcoin drops and would, for that reason, lose all their earnings. But this is never the case! In this post, you’ll find out precisely why you should not lose out on accepting bitcoin payments.

1– Instant Bitcoin Conversion –  Bitcoin’s volatility is a service owner’s most significant issue. But with payment gateways like BitPay and Coinbase, you can easily bypass Bitcoin’s volatility. These services will immediately convert your bitcoin payments into your local currency which you’ll get in your savings account the following business day. This indicates that if your customer paid you $100 worth of bitcoins, then you’re going to get precisely $100 in your bank account.

2 – No Chargebacks. Ever. One of the most common things company owner hate with credit card payments is the really genuine hazard of receiving a chargeback. Some customers are simply fickle-minded and deceitful. They would file chargebacks for the tiniest reasons like they’re not delighted with the color they got, or they was sorry for the purchase, or something similar. However with bitcoin payments, you don’t need to worry about chargebacks because all bitcoin transactions, as soon as verified by the Bitcoin network, are final and permanent. This implies those bitcoins you’ve gotten are yours (unless naturally, you chose to have them instantly transformed to dollars).

3– No Costly Processing Fees Charge card are widely accepted worldwide, and merchants like receiving payments from anyone with a legitimate card. While charge card are convenient, there are costs that merchants have to pay. Credit card charges can range anywhere from 3% to 4% per transaction plus another couple of cents for each transaction made. If you receive card payments from 99% of your consumers, you’re basically paying a small fortune in credit card fees!

With crypto payments, the transaction costs you need to pay are no place near exactly what you pay the charge card business. In truth, the costs are almost minimal as they basically boil down to simply a couple of thousand Satoshis (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 bitcoin) or a few cents!

Start accepting BTC and other currencies NOW! Sign up at Coinpayments and start selling your products or services for Bitcoin and many other currencies with just a few clicks!

Livecoin Tutorial and Review

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You want to buy some Altcoins, but you got no Idea how to do it? Watch the video below to learn how simple it is! There are many promising Altcoins, in this video you will discover how to purchase them on Livecoin using Bitcoins!

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If you plan to trade with altcoins you should store them on Livecoin, this way you can sell them without delay! In the case you want to invest in the long term, ensure to send your funds to the specific wallet for the choosen altcoin!

Care: Send a small amount to your wallet first to test the connection and address!

Did you Like this Tutorial Video?

I hope you enjoyed watching this short video about Livecoin and how to use this service! If so, why not share my video with your friends and contacts!

The Way to Make Money With WordPress

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Everyone loves money. Everyone loves the world wide web. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could consolidate the two? WordPress is one of the answers to this issue. Among the topics on the world wide web is how to make money with WordPress. It’s not tough to do this as long as you truly know how to make money with WordPress. People all around the planet do this, and it’s about time you got in on the action.

There are many ways to make money with WordPress. Some of these include advertising networks, private advertising sales, and affiliate programs. The number one rule to make money with WordPress is to get a quality WordPress blog that attracts visitors. Once you obtain this, you are well on your way to making money with WordPress. These traffic numbers will give your blog a higher prospect of converting on advertisers, sway with ad sales, and also a chance at making sales. Now that’s how to make money with WordPress!

Easier said than done, though, right? Wrong. It’s not tough to make money with WordPress. I understand the list may seem daunting, but once you start you’ll have so much fun making money with WordPress that you can not believe you did not start sooner! Here are the Specific methods to use so You can make money with WordPress today:

Ad sales. This is by far the most successful method used to make money with WordPress. Basically, “privately” selling ad space means that you’re selling advertising space on your WordPress blog. It doesn’t matter if these advertisements convert, as the advertisers pay you a flat fee to display their ad for a specific amount of time (most people who make money with WordPress sell advertisement space on a monthly basis). All you will require doing is email companies who advertise on sites asking them if they’d like space on your WordPress site also. Voila! You have already started to make money with WordPress!

Advertising networks. If you have no idea how to make money with WordPress, these are a terrific start. Advertising networks are programs like Google AdSense that cover you on a per-action or per-click basis. AdSense is the most popular, and you can get anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per click. You simply have to display the ad code.

Affiliate programs. These involve more work but are a superb way to make money with WordPress. Very similar to advertising networks, affiliate programs pay you based on how well the ads convert (how many sales you make or how many leads you generate). Many people who make money with WordPress use Adzbuzz, Clickbank or JVzoo for example, which is simple to register for and provides a wide range of advertisers. (Tip: Find out how to build a passive affiliate income from your Blog!)

If you want to use WordPress as Bloggin PLatform to make moneny, I highly suggest to take a look at these free WordPress Video Tutorials, they show exactly how to really make some money from your efforts!

Your passive Online Income as Affiliate – This is the Way

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There are many ways to make some additional money online, but only a few are really passive (after setting things up of course!)! In this post you find the best method to generate a passive income, well almost passive! Steps to your passive affiliate income!

Reasearch the Market

As affiliate marketer, you will get paid by other product owner for promoting their products! The first step is to find good products to promote for your target market! Only search for quality products helping your potential customers to solve their problem! Stay away from low quality products, this will hurt your reputation and you won´t earn much more at all!

Prepare a Valuable free Gift

The next step is to create a free gift to give away! This will be used to build your email list! Just write an ebook with a few pages or create a short tutorial video to match your topic! Really try to provide some really useful tips or techniques inside your free gift!

Landingpage Creation

When your free gift is ready, its time to create the matching landingpage! There are many methods to create landingpages i can´t explain all here! Ensure to keep your landingpage clean and simple, just add a enticing headline as well as 1-3 bullet points highligting the benefits of your free gift! Remember to embeed the signup form of your autoresponder into your landingpage in order to collect your visitors email addresses!

Write Emails for your Follow Up Autoresponder

Building an email list has no benefits if you don´t use it to send emails to your subscribers, right? It is a good idea to mix up promotional content with real useful tips and tricks! Before you start promoting products, ensure to deliver some useful information about the given topic to your readers, this will massively increase your conversions!

Start promoting your landingpage

In order to make money online as affiliate, you need to get traffic to your offers! Focus on highly targeted traffic instead of masses of untargeted traffic! YOu can use free or paid traffic methods, best to test your landingpage first and add paid methods afterwards! As long as your landingpage and email series converts and makes some sales, traffic will become a smaller problem!

These are the main steps to take in order to make a almost passive income from affiliate marketing!  Ensure to Sign Up here in order to get a step by step plan how to make a living as affiliate!  Feel free to comment below with your feedback or question! If you liked this article, feel free to share it on Twitter or Facebook!

Most Important Trading Tips

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Even if you already trade for years with success, you still can lose the other day! Thats why you should only trade with money you do not need for something!

In the following Video you will find some additional tips about trading:

There are some more important aspects you should know about before you start with cryptocurrency trading! For more information about cryptocurrency trading, take a look at this blog!

Below you find some more information about trading, feel free to take a look!

Adzcoin Explained

BTC Robot Review 2017 | BTc Robot 2.0 Experience

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Are you looking for a autopilot oppertunity to make some profits from bitcoin trading? Ensure to read this blogpost to discover what you need to know about automated bitcoin trading

Attention: Always read the Riskdisclaimer – There is never a guranatee that you will win in trading!

Automated BTC Trading Explained

There are many possiblilities to trade bitcoins automatically, you can use a online service to open and close your orders, or you can use a desktop software with a direct connection to your favorite Broker!

The last option offers the ability to leverage your investment, this makes it possible to trade with a  lot more money than you have depositied on your account, but keep in mind that it is a lot more risky for you too! Be careful – Using leverage can easily lead to higer losses as well! (Only trade with confidence here, and NEVER forget the Stop Loss!).

Using a desktop software allows you to run so called expert advisors, autoamted trading systems designed to trade forex, cfds or in this case bitcoin without the need to do anything!

Below you find two videos about the BTC Robot 2.0, the best trading robot for bitcoins and litecoins soon!

The BTC Robot Video

In the first video I will show you what features and options the BTC Robot offers its users, and how to use them the right way Enjoy it and went on to the next video below!

BTC Robot Setup Tutorial

The BTC Robot 2.0 uses the most popular trading software called Metatrader 4, it can be downloaded at your favorite Forex or CFD Broker, ensure this broker offers BTC trading! It offers lots of tools for chart analysis as well as the feature to run so called Expert advisors to trade on autopilot! In order to run the BTC Robot 2.0 on your PC or a VPS, you need a working Metatrader 4 installation and a fundet Broker account (use a demoaccount first to test the software)! Watch the video below carefully to find out how to install the BTC Trading EA on your metatrader!

BTC Robot Performance

Yes the BTC Robot is working great for me, after one month of trading I made overall 2,5 % profit in 2 H1 trades! You can use this robot for all timeframes provided by the Metatrader 4 Software, anyway the 15 Minute and 1 hour timeframe are working best and are recommended by the developer! The biggest downside is, that it canonly be used on USD/BTC, not on any other asset!

You can test teh BTC Robot yourself by using the Metatrader strategy test and historical data first!

Using the BTC Trading software wont make you a millionaire in a f ew days, but can get you some nice extra money from time to time!

Click here and test the BTC Robot risk free for 60 Days or read my BTC robot 2.0 Review here!

Important: Your Capital might be at risk!